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A Love Letter to the Land

I love so much so deeply. I feel that my love grows more and more each day that I spend in this place. I notice love for the smallest things. I feel that I have somehow simultaneously grown more appreciative of the great awe-striking phenomena of this land as well as the mundane. It makes me feel a-buzz with wonder to witness a new striking scene of glory but it also makes me feel warm and fuzzy to notice something small and ordinary.

My love deepens and grows like a narrow, rushing mountain torrent reaching a wide river valley. It covers more area yet it hasn’t lost its depth, being added to by numerous side streams along the way. Surely it has slowed its furious pace but its steady expanse is more powerful, more certain.

I am not worried by the changeable nature of the landscape. I know that it shakes, floods, and falls away regularly. There is a steadfastness in the heartbeat of nature that runs on beneath what is physically visible and remains unchanged. I take heart in this. To think that these very mountains I love were thrust up only relatively recently and that lakes are forming anew and rock falls crashing down is startling but it is not disheartening.

It is life that I love in all its many expressions. I love how it surprises me, how it humbles me, how it teaches me new things each day. I love the spirit of life that runs as a current through all things. I love its particular flavor and expression in this land. I have felt it from the beginning. I have been called to it from our first encounter. Upon this do I hang my hat. Within this is my faith solid.

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