About - In Pursuit of the Wild

Crystal Brindle

Landscape storyteller. Park Ranger. Photographer of mountain dreamscapes. Seeker of all things wonderful and wild. 

I am an intrepid explorer and landscape storyteller committed to immersing myself in New Zealand’s greatest landscapes and sharing the wonder I  find in the natural world through the artistic expression of photography and writing. I am drawn to landscapes that are hard to reach and those that represent wilderness character in its purest form.

I seek out difficult-to-approach places, listen to and watch the landscape, and set up my camera to capture it all. Things often don't go to plan, adventure is around every corner, and stories flow from the mishaps as well as the magic. Sometimes this craft appears polished, other times it is raw like the mountains. Regardless, this is my authentic attempt to pass on that which the land teaches.


Profile photo by: Erica Clapp

Cover photo art by: Hallie Rose Taylor

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